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Business planning

Whether your goal is to launch a new business or seeking to grow and develop your existing business product or service Cunningham Consulting can assist in developing your business plan to ensure firm foundations are laid for the plans execution thus achieving desired outcomes.

Cunningham Consulting can also deliver value to business owners and directors seeking to plan exit or succession strategies.

Interim Management

Recruiting the right people often takes time, to minimise business interruption Cunningham Consulting can provide interim management.

Our interim management service can also be usefully used by SME owners / directors, within East Anglia who seek to take leave from their business.

Health Check

Just as you would take a car to a qualified mechanic for an MOT, Cunningham Consulting with their broad based commercial and operational knowledge and experience are able to undertake a full business audit to cover strategy, commercial, operational and marketing functions.

This is a high value exercise for business owners and directors who seek to save cost, increase efficiency and positively impact profitability.




Cunningham Consulting can support business owners / directors seeking personal development of their management skills or business coaching.

Bespoke personal development plans can be provided and continuous development support service can be provided on a subscription basis.

Value Chain

This service aims to identify opportunities in which to add value to consumers of a business’s products and services.

The Value Chain exercise provides opportunity to discover or develop unique selling points and add product or services to a business operations repertoire thus increasing revenue lines.



Cunningham Consulting can provide a wide range training and coaching services, in particular sales training and time management.

Training delivery options are catered for on site or via remote webinar.


PR Editorial


Effective brand marketing for a business is a vital ingredient to the level of success a business can achieve.

Cunningham Consulting are able to offer sound ,reliable advice around web, print, mobile and social media marketing to ensure maximum value is gained from marketing budgets.

Businesses can outsource their PR editorial requirements to Cunningham Consulting who will draft editorial content for use within their local newspaper, website, blog and or social media assets.

Outsourcing makes sense for the busy business owner / director / manager and allows business leaders to focus on core commercial and operational duties.

Cunningham Consulting can review a business’s suppliers of products and services.

By actively managing procurement a business can ensure that they are gaining value for money, reduce wastage and minimize cost.

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